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Farwell Farmer’s Market Blossoms Thanks to Grant

A local Farmer’s Market is blossoming thanks to tens of thousands of dollars in grant money.

The USDA gave Farwell $93,000, and the village donated another $22,000 to renovate their Farmer’s Market building.

They’ve added a new sidewalk, new outdoor signs, a bathroom, a pavilion, and picnic tables.

The Farmer’s Market manager credits the improvements for quadrupling the number of vendors. There used to be only three vendors when it first started six years ago, and now there’s more than 20.

“I’m very excited about this, I dumped my heart and soul into this,” said Farmer’s Market Manager Tracy Lee. When they put this in my lap I didn’t know how to run a Farmer’s Market and I was like you want me to run a Farmer’s Market?"

That’s not the only grant the village received.

Another $113,000 in grant money will be used to add ADA compliance walkways, a picnic pavilion, and a new playground to Farwell Park.

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