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UPDATE: Benzie County Police Finds Missing Child

Promo Image: UPDATE: Benzie County Police Finds Missing Child


The missing boy was found around 4:30 Tuesday afternoon.

Police say he was looking for his dog in the woods.

Police say he has no injures.


Breaking news right now out of Benzie County.

Deputies are searching for a missing child who may have been abducted.

Deputies say the little boy, whose name we are working to get disappeared from the area of Reynolds and Bronson Lake Roads in Lake Ann.

He was last seen around 2:30 Tuesday afternoon.

The little boy is 4 and a half years old with short blond hair and hazel eyes.

He is 43 inches tall and 40 pounds

He was last seen wearing jean shorts and a Thomas the Tank Engine shirt.

We have a crew headed to the scene right now.

And we are working to bring you continuing coverage throughout the hour.