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Traverse City Arts Commission Unveils Bryan Crough Memorial

Promo Image: Traverse City Arts Commission Unveils Bryan Crough Memorial

A public work of art unveiled Tuesday in downtown Traverse City to honor a man who had done so much for the city.

Bryan Crough served as a Traverse City mayor, commissioner, and before his death in 2013, the director of the downtown development authority.

He was also a big supporter of the arts and a former director of the Old Town Playhouse, so it only seemed fitting that Tuesday, on his birthday, the city celebrated the dedication of "Enspire" in Lay Park.

Member of the Traverse City Arts Commission Art Selection Panel, Todd McMillen says, “Arts was very much in his blood and I think Bryan would have thought this was the coolest thing in the world. I actually think it would have probably made him quite quiet because he talked a lot, but he’s responsible for so many things downtown it’s just great we can give this in his honor.”

This is the first public art unveiled under Traverse City’s new Arts Commission.