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Ludington Considers Reducing Number of Lanes Downtown

Promo Image: Ludington Considers Reducing Number of Lanes Downtown

Ludington is weighing its options on whether or not to reduce the number of lanes on a busy downtown street.

Next year, MDOT is planning to resurface and make other improvements to parts of Ludington Avenue.

Ludington’s city manager says the city and MDOT are now discussing the option of re-striping Ludington Avenue between Jackson Road and William Street as a three-lane road, instead of the four to five lanes it has right now.

The city hopes it would improve the flow of traffic and safety.

But there are some unknowns, like cost, and possible traffic backups.

So the city says they’re going to let MDOT study the possibility before making any changes.

“Nothing has been decided at all right now. We’re simply asking MDOT can you update your traffic information and let us know what you think the traffic would look like on a three lane road,” John Shay, Ludington city manager said.

The city manager says once they get that information it will be shared with the public.

Then a decision will be made to keep the three lane configuration or go back to five lanes.