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Glen Lake Community Schools Votes To Replace Football Field With Artificial Turf

Promo Image: Glen Lake Community Schools Votes To Replace Football Field With Artificial Turf

Glen Lake Community Schools’ grass football field will be getting a full-fledged facelift, not the usual repairs.

The school’s board decided on Monday night they will replace their grass football field with artificial turf.

It’s a story we first brought you in May, when the board was looking at whether to patch up their current field, reseed the field, or put down artificial turf.

“We have to consider usability versus something that’s natural,” said Superintendent Sander Scott.

Tuesday night, after a 6-1 vote, it was the usability of the artificial turf that won—at a cost of $839,488.000. The money will come from their general fund.

Scott says, “Certainly if you look at the overall price tag it is more expensive to install an artificial or synthetic turf than a natural grass new field, but I think that was the kind of direction the board went. Understanding that I think every one of them would like a natural solution that would allow as much usage as the synthetic turf allows there just isn’t that solution right now.”

Parents did have their concerns, but some parents like Michelle Peterson says they believe the board chose the best option for everyone involved. She says her family is a football family and is excited for the change.

“My three sons I know that they are super excited about this opportunity they’re super excited to play Traverse City Francis on their first home game on the field," Peterson said. 

But Scott says this opportunity isn’t just about football.

“It will go much beyond high school football," he said. "Our softball baseball coaches and players were excited because they’ll be able to use that field at a time where they were never able to before.”

Now that a decision has been made, Scott says the district can move forward and focus on other needs.

“We’re going through a series of really trying to analyze our facilities trying to strategically plan about what happens next and why to just provide the very best educational experience we can provide without having to pass bond issues," he said.

There will be a special meeting Thursday to sort through details of the dredging and alternative material options for under the turf. Glen Lake Community Schools hope the new field will be ready this fall.