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Traverse City Sanctuary City Discussion Continues

Heated comments for the Human Rights Commission in Traverse City, about Sanctuary City status.

"People stepped to the podium sharing their thoughts about whether the city should become more friendly to illegal immigrants.

Discussion began last month when the Human Rights Ad Hoc Committee started gathering information.

Some people are concerned for safety, others say there’s nothing to worry about.

During public comment, some praised the commissioners, while most said they are still not for becoming a sanctuary city.

"I think you’re trying to take everything in, look at research, gather input, and make the best decision. I have all the faith that you’ll do that, and I thank you," said one person.

"A city or even a country or whatever that wants sanctuary city status is biting off more than you can chew. I know some cities have done this, and they’re running into all kinds of problems," said another meeting attendee.

The ad hoc committee meets again in July.