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Ludington City Police Seek Pair Who Robbed Man At Skate Park

Promo Image: Ludington City Police Seek Pair Who Robbed Man At Skate Park

Ludington City Police need your help looking for two men.

Investigators say they robbed a man at the skate park and one of them had a gun.

Police say the men threatened the 24-year-old Blanchard man with a pistol, forcing him to hand over cash.

Then, they took off.

The armed robbery happened Saturday night at Ludington’s Plaza skate park on N. Lakeshore Drive in Stearns Park.

The victim told officers a man with a light-brown buzz cut came up to him, talking in street slang.

Then, they say another man walked up and lifted his shirt, showing off the handle of a black handgun.

Several kids saw it all happen and spoke to us anonymously.

"Crazy. It’s Mason County,” says one witness, who wished to be interviewed off-camera. “It’s unheard of here. I usually hang out usually with four people with me, so, hopefully it doesn’t happen."

Police say one of the robbers was white, 5 feet, 9 inches tall and was wearing a black polo shirt with orange and white stripes.

They say the other robber was black, 6 feet, 9 inches tall and wearing a white t-shirt.

If you know anything, call the Ludington City Police.