Lauren Scafidi

Lauren Scafidi joined the 9&10 News team in June 2017 as the morning reporter for Michigan This Morning.

Lauren has always loved journalism and storytelling. She was the first one to raise her hand during show-and-tell growing up. She might not have had the coolest thing to show, but she surely always had the most to tell.

She grew up in the Chicago suburbs with her mom, dad, two older brothers, and – can’t forget the dog – a crazy Jack Russell Terrier.  Lauren had lived in the same house her whole life until she went to college.

She earned her broadcast journalism degree from the University of Illinois where she was able to explore her passion for journalism in a variety of ways. She interned at WCIA (the CBS affiliate in Champaign, IL), was an anchor for the university morning show Good Morning Illini, wrote for the award-winning school newspaper The Daily Illini, was an on-air personality for WPGU 107.1 FM radio, was a sideline reporter for Big Ten Network Plus, and was the President of Society of Professional Journalists.

When she’s not out in the field reporting, Lauren can be found finding any excuse to spend time outside hiking, fishing, or hunting, practicing what skills she has left as a washed up gymnast, or continuing her three-year journey trying to learn how to golf.

You could reach her via email at, Facebook and Twitter.

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