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Classic Car Owners Line Streets Of Cadillac For Final Day Of Back To The Bricks

Promo Image: Classic Car Owners Line Streets Of Cadillac For Final Day Of Back To The Bricks

Hundreds of cars lining the streets of downtown Cadillac Sunday afternoon on the final day of Back To The Bricks.

The car show along Mitchell Street is the highlight of the weekend as classic cars coverage on Cadillac.

9&10’s Taylor Jones was downtown Sunday, talking to car owners as they showcased their vehicles.

“That will be my hobby till probably the day I die,” says Rob McConnell, classic car owner.

Hundreds of classic cars and their owners up and down the streets in Cadillac.

Some have been coming to Back To The Bricks for years.

“Hometown feel, a lot of people in the area that I know and I get to talk to them. I encourage people to come out when the weather is like this. This is gorgeous!” says McConnell.

Rob McConnell has been coming to Back To The Bricks the past four years. Classic cars are something he’s always been passionate about.

“This is a 55 Ford that I acquired about two years ago and when I acquired it, it was all in pieces so I put it together. I had never done a whole one like this before. Just a hot rod, the sound and the looks, the shapes of them you know, they are not square, they are rounded out and they are preserving part of our history,” says McConnell.

Working on classic cars is also a hobby of Roy Pinners’, an owner from Florida.

“My good friend got me into hot rodding a couple of years ago. I bought this and tore it apart and it took about two years and I repainted it and redid the interior and whole thing,” says Pinner.

This was Roy’s first year at Back To The Bricks. He became interested in classic cars at a young age and the love has never left him.

“It’s a 1940 Ford two door Deluxe. It has a Chevy 350 V8 motor and Chevy transmission. When I was 17 years old, I graduated from high school and one of my good friend had a 1944 and I always liked it so it went on my bucket list and I am now 75,” says Pinner.

Both visitors and car owners say they enjoyed walking up and down the street, taking a walk down memory lane.

“You never get tired of looking at craftsmanship. Once you do a car, you appreciate what other people have done,” says Pinner.