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Body Of Missing Boater Found In Lake Margrethe, Crawford County

Promo Image: Body Of Missing Boater Found In Lake Margrethe, Crawford County

“It’s sad that something happened in this lake, I mean it’s been so long,” said Janet Brady, resident on Lake Margrethe.

After hours of searching, the body of a missing boater in Lake Margrethe was found Sunday morning.

The Crawford County Sheriff’s Department says Mikel Stanley from Grayling jumped into the water on Saturday to try and get something that had fallen into the lake.

They say he got caught up in large waves on the lake and went under.

9&10’s Whitney Amann has more on the search and reaction from those who live along the lake.

“I call it the mini Lake Superior but this was really strong I mean I was having a hard time holding my phone,” said Brady.

A tragic ending to a lengthy search after the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office says a man dove off his boat into the rough waters of Lake Margrethe Saturday afternoon.

“The victim in this case, Mikel Stanley 52 year old Grayling man did live here in the city of Grayling; was out on the water, was boating and jumped in to retrieve an item that had fallen from the boat, the boat drifted away and he could not catch up to the boat,” said Sergeant Michael Gammicchia, from Crawford County Sheriff’s Office.

The passenger on the boat with Mikel called 911.

“The boat was drifting fast because of the weather yesterday it was extremely windy, the high winds and they were unable to get the boat over to him,” said Sergeant Gammicchia.

When a Crawford County marine officer couldn’t find him, dive teams from Grand Traverse County and Roscommon County came to help, along with the US Coast Guard and DNR.

The search was called off around 9:30 Saturday night and picked back up around 6:00 Sunday morning..

“Around 11:20 this morning, the victim was located in the water and he was recovered,” said Sergeant Gammicchia.

“You can’t go out when it’s like this but what’s interesting is that one bay can be nice but then you can end up going to another bay, like yesterday, and it was horrible I mean it just was blowing, the sand was blowing,” said Brady.

Those living on the lake watched the search for hours, praying for a different outcome.

“You just want to make sure the family’s going to be okay but on something like that it’s just going to take everybody awhile before they feel better,” said Brady.