State Police Investigating Embezzlement In The Village Of Hersey

State police are now investigating a former village treasurer after finding financial discrepancies.

Hersey Village President Robin Marvel says more than $14,000 dollars turned up missing.

The president started looking into it.

Marvel says she found money collected from the Blodgett Landing camp site had been deposited into the then village treasurer’s personal account through pay-pal.

We can’t tell you her name because there are no charges as of yet but we have learned, she has since resigned.

“I’m sick to my stomach about it, I can’t imagine, there are a lot of people in the village, I deal a lot with the community and I’m very invested in the people here and for me to hear that someone took money when some people are fighting to pay taxes, they have to decide prescriptions or taxes, and to think that someone would think that is okay is outrageous,” says Marvel.

There have been no arrests or charges in this investigation.