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Pellston Regional Airport Revamping Runway With Federal Funding

Promo Image: Pellston Regional Airport Revamping Runway With Federal Funding

Pellston Regional Airport is set to take off on some much-needed upgrades this fall.

The airport will be re-vamping its runway for the first time in 20 years. The upgrades will affect the main runway running through the regional airport.

It enhances the safety of the airport, we’re completely safe right now, but it’s just an upgrade,” says Airport Manager Kelley Atkins.

With $3.7 million in federal grants, Pellston Regional Airport is making some much needed improvements.

“A lot like you’re dealing with your roads, they need attention after a while, it’s been close to 20 years since the last time we rehabilitated the runway,” added Atkins.

The main runway will be resurfaced, and the runway lighting system will shine brighter. The project will serve a huge benefit for both pilots and their passengers.

“In the evenings and limited visibility, when you have the newer, brighter, runway lights and identifiers, pilots will be able to see them from a longer distance. Pellston is kind of like out, there is no big cities around there and those lights, light up at nighttime,” says Pilot and Alanson Public Schools Superintendent Dean Paul.

A new surface will ensure smooth landings.

“They’ll actually put grooves in the runways, which help displace water and the snow, which gives the aircraft, especially the larger aircrafts, better breaking conditions and better traction on the runway,” explained Paul.

The $4.5 million project is slated to begin sometime in September. The airport says travelers will likely be un-affected.

“We have a secondary runway, that will be operational for the majority of the project, which should probably last 4 to 5 weeks,” explained Atkins.