New Art Exhibition Comes To Elk Rapids

A new event is taking off this weekend in Elk Rapids.

Elk Rapids is hosting their very first Experience Art Rapids event.

More than 100 artists will be displaying around 200 pieces of work.

They will be spread throughout the village at 33 different venues.

Displays will include everything from oil paintings and photography and unique sculptures.

"We thought it was time to do something fresh and new, and so I think part of the idea came from the fact that a number of us really enjoyed going to Art Prize in Grand Rapids, and you know we couldn’t do something on that scale but we thought we could maybe pull something off that accomplished a lot of the same things on a smaller scale here in Elk Rapids,” says Experience Art Rapids board member, Laura Andersen.

Art will be on display from June 10 through June 24.

For more information on Experience Art Rapids, click here. 

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