Change of Command at USCG Station Charlevoix, Ceremony Honors Retiring Officer in Charge

A time honored Naval Tradition, taking place at the Coast Guard Station Charlevoix.

Many gathered on Friday for the Change of Command ceremony.

Part of Coast Guard tradition, the unique ceremony marks the change in leadership from one Officer in Charge to another.

This ceremony was even more unique as they honored the retirement of former Officer in Charge, Chief John Tribfelner.

Tribfelner served four years at the helm in Charlevoix and is moving on to civilian life with his wife and daughter. He says most of all, he will miss his crew and the community he made home.

"The biggest thing I’m going to miss is my crew, the camaraderie, the community. I  mean have loved every single place I’ve been stationed, but Charlevoix is a very unique gem that’s hidden up here in Northern Michigan, and I’ve enjoyed every single second of it,” said Tribfelner.

Following the ceremony, Chief Petty Officer Marcus Collison took the reigns as new Officer in Charge at USCG Station Charlevoix.

Collison previously served on the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Mackinaw.