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New Bill Encourages Out of State Hunters

Promo Image: New Bill Encourages Out of State Hunters

A new bill is being discussed to encourage out-of-state hunters to come to Michigan. Right now, an out-of-state small game license costs $80 for seven days, while an out-of-state base license costs $150.

If the bill is passed, a three-day license will be reduced to $40, with an out-of-state license costing just $75 if hunters hunt on their own property.

The DNR says it will continue to watch how this bill does and if it’s passed, they’ll make sure every hunter follows the law.

“Our interest is making sure that any type of regulations aren’t complicated and they’re enforceable,” said Director of Wildlife Technician Katie Keen.

The bill is now waiting to be considered by the House Tourism and Recreation Committee.