Traverse City Police Investigating Alleged Assault On United Airline Flight

Traverse City Police is investigating the alleged assault of a flight attendant while she was up in the air.

They say the call came in around six Tuesday night, once the plane landed at Cherry Capital Airport.

The United Airlines flight came from O’Hare in Chicago.

As the plane was taking off, a California man got up to use the bathroom.

The attendant told him to sit down, and that’s when, she tells police, the man was acting belligerent.

She says his friend, also from California stepped in, grabbing her by the arm and trying to get it all on camera.

The two men were not arrested.

It’s the location of the actual incident that has police unsure what comes next.

Chief Jeff O’Brien says, “The state law is obviously the disorderly and the assault and battery so who would take jurisdiction of that we don’t really know at this point. We’ve contacted the prosecutor, sent it to the Grand Traverse County prosecutor for their review.”

Police say it’s the prosecutor who will know whether this case will stay local or go to the state or federal level.