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Cadillac Seasonal Jobs Open For Growing Number Of Customers

Promo Image: Cadillac Seasonal Jobs Open For Growing Number Of Customers

If you are looking for summer work, you better be looking for the fast lane.

There are lots of open positions this summer but they’re going quick.

Businesses across Northern Michigan bump up their teams specifically for the waves of people summer brings to the area.

It’s the busiest time of year for many.

9&10 News / Fox 32’s Cody Boyer and photojournalist Jeff Blakeman caught up with some of Cadillac’s seasonal businesses looking to fill their ranks for summer.


“We love it,” says Cody Zagers, manager at Cadillac’s Adventure Island. “I mean, you can plan out your full summer once you are fully-hired, can adjust things and you can work around family vacations."

Looking for a job in the summer can feel like the start of a race.

When school gets out, it’s pedal to the medal to fill open positions before the summer rush.

“Once school is out, we really ramp up,” Zagers says. “We have deals going all week, certain days of the week for certain deals. The weekends and Friday nights are busy, really busy."

Summer jobs like those at Adventure Island bring on more summer workers just for the help.

That way, riding activities like riding go-karts can be monitored by more employees and made safer.

“We have maybe five to eight employees when school is still in session,” Zagers says. “When school is out, I have about 33 that are lined up."

It’s the same for many businesses like Walraven’s; more customers means more workers.

“Business has been really good,” says Jake Walraven, manager. “We’ve been busy, so, of course, we had to take on a lot of new workers. We’ve probably hired close to 10 seasonal employees this year."

It’s a blossoming trend welcomed by both businesses.

“I just think the economy is coming back a little bit,” Walraven says. “People are spending more money and coming up north again. There’s a lot more tourists around this year and a lot more jobs."

Adventure Island’s roster is full.

Walraven’s is still hiring.

If you are hunting, just remember…

“Open availability is the biggest thing,” Zagers says. “The more time I can get you here, the easier i have to schedule you and get you trained and get you comfortable, learning customer service and other jobs that we have here."