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Lake County Wildfire Spans At Least 20 Acres

Promo Image: Lake County Wildfire Spans At Least 20 Acres

A wildfire spanning at least 20 acres began Tuesday evening in Lake County.

Crews are working to contain a wildfire in Irons, after a power line went down.

The Irons Fire Department says they believe the wind might have been responsible.

The fire started around 4:30 Tuesday afternoon in Irons.

It then spread to at least 20 acres of land.

Right now, the fire is contained, and crews are working to put out hotspots.

The flames got a little too close for comfort to nearby homes, but luckily, with a quick response from several departments, they were able to stop it from spreading.

“We got a great response from mutual aid and our neighboring fire departments, so first ones on the scene were actively suppressing the fire so we got it under control in a short period of time. We didn’t have to worry about it affecting any structures,” Greg Bombich, Irons fire chief said.

Crews are expected to be on scene for another hour, as they work to clean up the fire.