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Cedar Creek Twp. Board Votes Unanimously Against Medical Marijuana Facility

“I do not want that in my front yard.”

There was a presentation to the Cedar Creek Township board on bringing a medical marijuana facility to the township Tuesday night.

It was a unanimous vote to block the medical marijuana facility near Manton.

They will not put an ordinance in place to allow it.

Cedar Creek Township community members were upset at the thought of bringing this to town.

Dan Gretz presented, hoping to open a facility on east M-42.

“I understand it can be helpful for a lot of people but something caught me funny when you said this is a friendly neighborhood, you’re right it’s friendly and we don’t want this stuff here, it doesn’t belong here. I don’t want it,” a community member said.

Last year, the board had another presentation about bringing a medical marijuana growing facility and it was rejected then too. 

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