Three Teens Accused of Setting Fires in Cadillac Area

"We really dodged a bullet. There was minimal damage that could have really changed, some circumstances were just a little bit different."

Police say two teen boys ages 13 and 15 and a 14-year-old girl are to blame for the incidents this last Friday and Saturday.

A school dumpster, a storage business, a pile of leaves near McKinley Elementary and a box truck all had minor damage.

Police say the teens left a molotov cocktail on a porch of a home on Lincoln Street which had been lit but fortunately did not ignite the fuel in the bottle.

Police were able to find the teens based off the places they tried to burn.

“I mean this weighted very heavily on the officers’ minds this weekend they knew we basically dodged a bullet by having minimal damage in this, and they really put the drag net out there wanting to get this cleared up,” Todd Golnick, Cadillac police chief said.

The teens have been placed in juvenile detention and are expected to face arson charges in Wexford County’s probate court.