Several Guns And Ammunition Found Inside Felon’s Isabella County Home

Eleven guns and 15,000 rounds of ammunition found were found inside a home in Isabella County.

Deputies say it all belonged to a felon.

Isabella County deputies received a tip that a man with a criminal history had guns in his home.

That’s not allowed.

Deputies searched the man’s home on East River Road and found it all.

9&10’s Taylor Jones went to the area Monday.

Deputies say the man was cooperative during the search and hasn’t been arrested yet.

But this concerns nearby neighbors.

“It’s just eerie, you see it in other neighborhoods but you don’t think it’s in yours,” says Sonja Schutt, lives on road the guns were found.

Eleven guns and 15,000 rounds of ammunition found in a felon’s home.  All hidden throughout the home.

“Long guns and hand guns in several different locations, some were behind some panels where he had hidden them in a bunker type situation where he dug things out in the ground, boxes and holes,” says Sheriff Michael Main, Isabella County.

The man has a past sex crime conviction, so he isn’t allowed to have any firearms.

The sheriff is not sure why he had so many.

“He didn’t make any indication to any type of hate group type things like that. Some people are attracted to that type of thing and some people are worried about the end of the world,” says Main.

But the amount of weapons is alarming for neighbors.

“That sounds like an organization instead of one man, that’s what makes you think about it, you just wonder what does he belong to? It scares me, I have grandkids that come to visit off and on all on summer and I have one that is a runner, so she is always taking off to run here and there,” says Schutt.

The prosecutor is reviewing charges and the man is expected to be arrested soon.