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N. Michigan Couple Near London Bridge During Terror Attack Shares Experience

Following Saturday night’s terror attack in London, 9&10 News has learned two people from Northern Michigan were right there.

Lake City residents Rachel Rosekrans and her boyfriend Max Metzger have been in London for the past month.

Max got an internship opportunity with an audio engineering company and Rachel joined him to volunteer teaching English so they could experience the trip of a lifetime.

They were in the city Saturday night as tragedy struck.

“We walked down past the London Eye and it was funny because Rachel, she said, it was like you know trying to decide which way to go and we went left instead of right over the bridge,” said Max.

That was just a few hours before police say a van sped down the London Bridge running people over on the sidewalk.

“Thank God we went to a play that night because we probably would have been hanging out around the area where it was happening,” said Max.

Between this attack and the Manchester bombing just a few weeks ago, Max and Rachel are staying strong.

“They want us to be afraid and they want us to not continue on with our lives, but we’re not, we’re not, going to let that happen,” affirmed Max.

The two say they have seen a huge increase in armed police which makes them feel safer and they’re praying for all of the families affected by this senseless tragedy.

“In the midst of an opportunity like this, you just can’t let fear win. We have to keep going,” said Rachel. 

Max and Rachel have every intention of staying in London until the end of July as planned.