TCAPS Holds Memorabilia Sale For Old Eastern Elementary Items

In addition to the Eastern Elementary ground breaking ceremony, the school had a memorabilia sale on Thursday.

Alumni and community members all came out to purchase items that were in the old school building.

Lockers, tables, pianos and gym equipment are just a few of the things people walked away with on Thursday.

One mom there was able to buy one of the bleachers all four of her kids sat on when they went to Eastern Elementary.

Her son is going to re purpose it into a table.

“They sat on it for the beginning of the school year, for all the convocations and for all the sporting events and I actually got to coach all four of my kids in volleyball when I was here and so I was really excited to get a piece of their history from this wonderful school,” said Leslie Heimburger.

All of the items that were not sold will be available again on June 9th at the school’s warehouse.