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Manistee Coast Guard Rescues Pregnant Deer Trapped In Rocks

It was a rescue mission that the U.S. Coast Guard does not perform every day.

A deer was trapped in sharp rocks and chilly water.

What’s more, the doe was an expecting mother.

Officers at the U.S. Coast Guard station in Manistee were out on a training exercise when they noticed something unusual: a doe, pregnant, and in desperate need of help.

Working as a team and by hand, the crew was able to get down to the doe and started to help her.

They were able to free her before she suffered any sign of hypothermia or injury, other than a few scrapes.

The Coast Guard then watched as she rested up nearby.

"As Coast Guardsmen, we all joined the service to save human lives, safeguard human lives and if we can save a deer or two along the way, that’s fine by us, as well,” says PO3 Adrian Ledesma.

The DNR was notified and helped the Coast Guard monitor the deer as it recovered.