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Grayling Twp. Water Testing Continues

Three to four weeks, that’s how long some residents of Grayling Township have been told they have to wait to find out if their water is safe to drink.

Nearly 100 water wells in Grayling Township have been tested for perfluorinated chemicals after slightly elevated levels were discovered.

PFC’s are typically used in materials used for fire training.

Camp Grayling informed the public more than a week ago about their findings.

Some studies have shown that PFC’s can affect early childhood development and increase the risk of cancer.

People living near Evergreen Drive have been advised not to directly consume their well water until the well has been officially cleared.

“In the meantime we’ll still drink the bottled water as directed and they said it’s still safe to shower, still safe to do dishes. But anything that, the quote was ‘go down the hatch’, they said get bottled water,” Leslie LeBlanc said.

Concerned residents can contact the health department to have their well sampled and tested.

There has been no official advisory issued by the city.