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DNR Reminds Public Of Moose And Other Wildlife Safety

Michigan Department of Natural Resources officials are reminding Northern Michigan to remember to use caution when spotting moose and other wildlife along the roadside.

“We have had recurring concerns reported about motorist stopping along roadsides in the Upper Peninsula to watch and photograph moose,” said Lt. Pete Wright, a DNR district law supervisor. “We understand seeing a moose is a-once-in-a-lifetime experience for many people and it can be tremendously exciting. However, people need to be mindful of the danger posed by passing traffic and the animals themselves.”

It is important to remember the following tips from the DNR when stopping to view moose alongside the road.

  • Park your vehicle completely out of traffic lanes.
  • Make sure that the vehicle has stopped moving before exiting.  
  • Watch for traffic before opening your car doors.
  • Do not walk through traffic to cross the highway.
  • Avoid waiting in the middle of the road for cars to pass, wait until there is enough time to make it all the way across.
  • Keep awareness of your surroundings, including where others are at while watching or photographing wildlife.
  • Do not rely on motorist to see and avoid you,
  • Respect the moose and other wildlife. Keep a safe distance from wildlife. Do not harass them.
  • Always be aware of traffic, even when walking back to your vehicle.
  • Merge properly with traffic when returning to your travels.

“Michigan is fortunate to have moose and a wide array of other watchable wildlife to enjoy,” Wright said. “However when doing so it’s always best to keep safety in mind.”

Moose may stand not too far off of U.S. 41 near Humboldt in Marquette County. 

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