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Leelanau Hotel Development’s Brownfield Plan Amendment Pending

Developers want to build a hotel and marina in Leelanau County and they’re looking for a little help.      

The hotel would be built in Elmwood Township off of M-22 next to Dockside Party Store and the marina would go across the street.

The developers got a Brownfield Plan approved back in 2007 after they first bought the property, but by 2022 that plan will expire.

That’s why Tuesday a special Brownfield Redevelopment Authority meeting was held for an amendment to extend the plan to 2032.

The authority decided to approve the amendment pending a written endorsement from their director and consultant by June 16th.

West Shore Partners LLC. Managing Member, Ron Walters says, “They’ve already said that this is a plan in effect and that they want to see the site redeveloped and they want to see the contamination cleaned up so there’s no impetus for them to not want to approve it they just want to make sure all the numbers and information are correct.”

 The redevelopment authority plans to have a final decision by their meeting on June 20th.