Evart High School Odyssey Of The Mind Team Takes On World Competitors

A group of high school students took their creative problem solving skills to a world competition.

Evart High School’s Odyssey Of The Mind team just got back from placing in the top ten for their performance.

They chose to tackle a problem that had to do with both creative problem solving, time travel and classic pieces of art. Now this whole thing came together at the end with a creative performance showing how they solved their problem.

"I think what the students have been able to pull off has been pretty amazing," said Jenny Rounds.

For this group of students at Evart High School, creatively tackling problems is something they spent hundreds of hours perfecting.

"Definitely teamwork and working on becoming a leader that’s really helpful taking charge in tough situations staying calm in tough situations," Jacob Quist said.

Their dedication helped the team rise through the ranks, landing them at Michigan State University on the world stage, up against more than 850 teams.

"It was kind of intimidating you have these teams that are like oh it’s my sixth time at worlds and one time I got second place and one time I got first place and I just thought wow I’ve been here two other times and I’ve never been in the top ten before," Jacob said.

The team put nerves aside and focused on their performance.

"At the end I thought wow we were the underdogs we did well," Jacob said.

Underdogs, who wouldn’t let limited resources stop them, placing eighth in the world.

"It’s always a good feeling to beat a team from China or from Poland because they’re a huge power house," Jacob said.

They’ll always carry forward the lesson they learned along the way.

"Working together as a team can produce some amazing things," Jenny Rounds said.