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Two OK After Being Attacked By Dogs In Big Rapids

A man could face charges following a weekend dog attack in Big Rapids.

A man left his two pit bulls at a used bike business he worked at on Maple and Fourth Streets, while he went out of town.

When a friend of his went to feed the dogs on Sunday, he was attacked.

Both dogs then escaped and started pinning people inside of their cars.

Police and the animal shelter were able to capture one of the dogs.

A woman from the shelter went back to catch the other dog, but it attacked her.

Police managed to bring the pit bull back to the bike store temporarily until animal control can come pick it up.

“It’s always dangerous, officers in this case were very close to have to use deadly force in order to control the second dog,” says Detective Brian Miller, Big Rapids Department of Public Safety.

Both bite victims are okay.

The owner of the building and owner of the dogs could face misdemeanor charges.

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