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Retiring Well With Michael Reese: Planning Finances before Death

Managing retirement funds can be tricky, but a show airing on 9&10 News can help.

Retiring Well with Michael Reese is put on by Centennial Wealth Advisory to help plan for retirement and educate you on the best options for your retirement savings.

Tuesday, advisors will be focusing on planning your finances for death.

It’s a difficult conversation, but some mistakes when you’re living could cost you or loved ones thousands.

“How is the money you have saved your whole life going to be transitioned to your spouse, or many of your children or even grandchildren or maybe a charity that’s important to you? What are the different ways your finances can be structured to help not only benefit you while you’re still living, but also benefit those loved ones that you’re leaving money behind?”

The show airs every Tuesday on 9&10 News at 10 a.m.