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International Bridge Closed for Nearly 2 Hours after Police Find ‘Potentially Explosive Device’

A scare across the border in Sault Ste. Marie.

Canadian Border Services shutting down the International Bridge for about 90 minutes Sunday afternoon.

They say around 2:30 they found a potentially explosive device while searching a vehicle on the Canadian side.

An explosives unit from Sault Ontario later determined it was an inactive replica grenade.

Still, with recent events around the world, it was enough to worry people who cross the bridge regularly.

“Especially Memorial Weekend, they usually strike big events, so, yeah I was a little concerned,” said Keith LeFave who lives in Sault Ontario.

LeFave says this is the first time he can remember the International Bridge closing for something like this.

The bridge was opened back up to traffic around 4:00 p.m Sunday. 

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