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Michigan National Guardsmen Raise Awareness for Veteran Suicide, Depression With 300 Mile Trek

Two men are taking the long road on an Upper Peninsula mission.

Two Michigan national guardsmen started the journey in Ironwood May 13 to raise awareness for veterans’ suicide and depression.

First Lt. Cody Cass and staff Sgt. Michael Beattie thought up the idea back in December.

For 300 miles, the two have encountered changing weather conditions, a leg injury, but also many supporters.

Beattie developed tendonitis, and can now only walk a mile while Cass walks the 22 miles daily.

This morning they left Raco on their way to Sault Ste. Marie.

“On average, 22 vets take their lives.  Nowadays, its definitely getting better because there are more resources and more service members are more likely to reach out but there’s still some progress to be made.  That’s why we went on this trek,” Cass said.

Their final five miles will be Friday starting at 9 a.m. from the corner of 3 Mile Road and Mackinaw Trail, ending at the armory on Portage Avenue.