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What’s Trending Wednesday: Memorial Day Cookout Dishes

Memorial Day is less than a week away!

So if you’re planning to dust off your grill for this season’s first cook-out, we’re sharing a few recipes you may feel like giving a shot on this week’s What’s Trending Wednesday.

Grilled Potato Salad

The easy process of cooking potatoes can transform even your blandest summer salads into something unlike any other. Simply grill up some baby Yukon potatoes and scallions, and toss them in a fresh bacon vinaigrette.

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Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches

Can’t decide between wings and burgers? No worries! This delicious duo throws the flavors of your classic buffalo wings onto a bun for the best of both worlds. Top the sandwich off with some fresh slaw to complete your cookout mash-up.

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Mint, Lime & Roasted Peanut Slaw

Add a little wow-factor to your menu with this coleslaw – combining salty, sweet and tart flavors all at once. Roasted peanuts, some lime juice and a little mint come together with an assortment of veggies and spices to create a summer-inspired side-dish everyone will be talking about.

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