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Veterans Welcomed With Signs, Cheering After Honor Flight Tour in Washington D.C.

A very warm welcome home for dozens of Michigan veterans, touching down back at home Tuesday evening.

As part of the 7th Mid-Michigan Honor Flight, they spent the day touring the nation’s capital and the memorials built for them.

The experience seems tough to top, but this surprise may have come close.

Veterans singled out for the first time, with signs and fanfare.

This was after an opportunity to visit the Vietnam Memorial Wall in D.C.

For the ten plus vets on Tuesday’s trip who served there, political differences throughout the war put a damper on their homecoming.

That changed Tuesday.

“To see the change in people in our culture that they welcome us all with is tremendous. It is such a grow up thing for us to be able to do that, not blame the veterans but to commend them, to honor them like this is very, very special,” Robert Eggle, Vietnam veteran said.

Our coverage is far from over.

We will continue to show you more veterans and share their journey.