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Kingsley Planning Commissioners Will Continue Research Before Making Recommendation

“We voted to turn down the legislation as it was written at this point,” said Eric Welch, Planning Commission member for the Village of Kingsley.

Back to the drawing board.

The discussion on medical marijuana production facilities continues in Kingsley.

The Village Planning Commission held its third public hearing Wednesday night.

The community shared their concerns about the zoning ordinance that will define the criteria a marijuana producer would need to meet if approved.

A few months ago TheraCann International approached Kingsley about building a $20 million medical marijuana factory.

The 100,000 square foot plant would be in the village’s industrial park.

“We don’t need the money and we don’t want to be known as pot city USA,” said a community member.

Several people in Kingsley concerned about the language on the proposed zoning ordinance.

“I’m just suggesting to take a cold hard look at what we have physically and think, is this what we want to present because right now as it stands, the document as is, would be shot down in court immediately,” said another community member.

“My comment simply is with the epidemic of opioids, meth labs, what message are you sending to your children,” said another community member.

Planning Commissioners all voted that they would not make a recommendation to the Village Council on the current zoning ordinance.

“The citizenry of the Village of Kingsley really came out tonight and posed some real good questions ones that we haven’t heard before and it’s going to give us a lot to stew on,” said Welch. “There’s a lot to go over; I mean as much as your mind can possibly fathom, this thing could affect the region, it could affect a lot of different things so it wouldn’t be prudent for us to make a decision without having a little more knowledge.”

Other community members believe medical marijuana facilities could help the village.

“It’s important that you in leadership protect us, we need jobs in Kingsley, we need the tax dollars,” said another community member.

Planning Commissioners will now do more research before making a recommendation to the Village.

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