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Former Cheboygan County Music Booster Arrested for Embezzlement

Police say a Cheboygan County woman took close to $2,000.00 from the local music boosters group.

JoAnne Lockey Sarrault was arrested in April for embezzlement.

The former Cheboygan Music Booster’s treasurer, and Friend of the Court employee is accused of recording several phony deposits in 2015.

Sarrault told investigators that she may have made a mistake, but denied that she intentionally stole money.

The Cheboygan Superintendent says efforts are being made to make sure any money collected by boosters, is first going through the school.

“All organizations that works with us, that do things for us, will funnel their money through the school system. It’s all about the kids, we want to make sure that money that is raised for kids, stays working for the kids,’’ says Cheboygan Area Schools Superintendent Troy Reehl

Sarrault is on leave from her job at the Friend of the Court. She is set to appear in court on June 9th.