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McLaren Celebrates EMS Appreciation Week, The Importance of Calling 911

McLaren Northern Michigan wants to remind the community, every second counts when it comes to a medical emergency.

To help get their message out, the hospital is taking this week to appreciate EMS personnel.

More than just a ride, the hospital wants the community to know, calling 911 and taking an ambulance, is often the difference between life and death.

EMS is equipped to handle emergencies and prepare victims to be seen by the hospital staff and doctors.

“We can have everything ready a team of people ready to take care of people if they come in by ambulance, if they come in by car, the delay in getting here, is challenged by so many factors. I would just like to thank the EMS system in general for what they’ve done to support our community,” says Dr. Randy Galloway, Emergency Physician at McLaren Northern Michigan.

Dr. Galloway says in the field, EMS personnel can determine what a victim is suffering from and give doctors time to prepare, drastically improving their outcome.

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