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Inside the Kitchen: Funistrada in Leelanau Co.

Promo Image: Inside the Kitchen: Funistrada in Leelanau Co.

Millions of Americans can trace their roots back to Italy.

Whether you’re one of them, or just have a taste for the cuisine–you’re in luck if you find yourself in Leelanau County!

Funistrada is well-known for serving up its own brand of approachable Italian cuisine.

The environment is relaxed, the wine is plentiful and, as for the food…

You’ll find apps that run the gamut, from stuffed grape leaves, to snails on crostini to asparagus wrapped in mascarpone cheese and prosciutto.

And what’s for dinner? Entrees like the popular Chicken Saltimbocca, made with prosciutto, bird lightly breaded and a special blend of Italian cheeses. 

Forget about it!

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