‘Stand Up For Great Lakes’ Prepares To Paddleboard Across Lake Huron

Some braved chilly temperatures to be out on the water this weekend, taking their paddleboards out in preparation for a monumental adventure.  

On Friday night, the guys from Stand Up for Great Lakes were in Alpena for a safety meeting before they attempt to cross Lake Huron in June.

The purpose of this sunset paddle was for everybody involved, such as the safety boat captain, production crew and others, to get to know one another and make this trip a safe one.

The guys will leave Alpena around June 13, weather depending, and paddle 90 miles to Tobermory, Canada.

It will raise money for the Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary to help keep our Great Lakes beautiful.

"Meeting the captains was priority one,” explains Kwin Morris. “Talking about safety, game planning, where we’re launching, from getting them used to our lights and getting them used to our speed and pace and things like that"

They expect the trip will take anywhere from 27-32 hours.

9&10 News will have a camera on the boat documenting this monumental trip.

If you’d like to help Stand Up for Great Lakes, click here

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