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Jack Journal: Justice

Promo Image: Jack Journal: Justice


The building’s name includes it, the phrase carved in stone proclaims it, and in these halls, it is served and on the bench she presides. 

Magistrate Ashley Justice is a member of the Proper Job Club, those people whose name fits their work. From a young age she knew law school was where she was headed and sitting on the bench suits her.

“I enjoy hearing both sides of the story. Rendering a judgement based on weighing the evidence and facts and testimony that’s been given,” said Justice.

Yes, her name fits the job. Yes, she’s heard the comments. Always respectful with a smile.

“I use to have friends in law school that would joke that I needed to become a Supreme Court Justice so I could be referred to as Chief Justice Justice,” said Justice.

Don’t bet against it!  Magistrate Justice gets her authority from the judges of the 86th District Court. She covers mainly Antrim County, but also works with Grand Traverse and Leelanau.

“I handle arraignments, informal hearings, so I’ll handle traffic civil infractions cases that are being disputed.  Also, on call for search warrants for Antrim County Monday thru Friday 24/7,” said Justice.

She handles small claims as well, which she enjoys. Magistrate Justice does have the hope that one day the public will vote her into the role of judge, but she takes nothing for granted.  As a young girl wanted to be in law and one day maybe a judge. Putting on those magistrate robes for the first time was very special. 

“Just knowing that you do have to put on that robe, and that it is a great duty that you have to up hold. It’s an honor. It was a little stressful at first, but you get use to it,” said Justice.

When it comes to her name, she’s proud of it, her job and her roll in it.