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Ferris State University’s First All Woman College Fishing Team

The first all-female college fishing team is at Ferris State University.

Emily Paulson and Nikki Radford joined the fishing club at Ferris State University and have been paired up to compete in tournaments this summer.

9&10’s Taylor Jones met up with the girl power duo casting lines on the lakes.

Nikki and Emily have been fishing since they were five years old, today they’re taking us out on the water and they’re going to show us what they’re all about

“I saw that they had a fishing group and I was like heck yeah, so I wrote Chuck and said hey I have been fishing since I could walk,” says Paulsen.

Now they are the first ever female duo in Michigan for college club fishing.

“I started fishing when I was about five and you could not get me off the end of the dock. I was out there for hours, my dad really got me into it and we would go together all the time growing up,” says Radford.

Paulson adds, “It’s relaxing, it’s peaceful, you’re out here in the middle of nowhere on a lake and you can hear all the birds and see all the wildlife, hopefully we will catch some fish,” says Paulson.

This summer they will be competing in day-long tournaments where they will have to catch as many bass as possible in about six hours.

Whoever has the biggest fish, wins.

“I’m a pretty competitive person so it’s going to be awesome. I am hoping to come out a better angler at the end of the year with some more experience, hopefully learn a few more tips,” says Paulsen.

They hope their team can inspire other women.

“I think it’s amazing that no other female teams have ever emerged out of the college experience. I think it’s going to be fantastic for the school and future teams and hopefully more women can enjoy the sport and see us as some inspiration as hey, we can beat the guys,” says Radford.

Nikki and Emily’s first tournament it will be June 17.

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