Thousands Of Bikers Wrap Up Annual Blessing Of The Bikes In Baldwin

Thousands of bikers in Baldwin wrapping up the weekend with a blessing for safe travels this motorcycle season.

Sunday was the 45th annual Blessing of The Bikes in Baldwin.

Bikers come together every year as the weather warms up.

Northern Michigan’s news leader was at the blessing.

“Father we come before you asking your blessing, we know this year is going to be a year of challenge. But lord we pay that you prepare the road before us,” says the man giving blessing.

A special moment for bikers as they were blessed at the 45th annual Blessing of the Bikes, a time when bikers can enjoy company together.

“Everyone is here for a singular purpose, they want to show fellowship, they want to get along, they want to get their bikes blessed in the word of God and we absolutely love it,” says Bob Perrin, attends blessing each year.

Money made at the event went toward the AMVET in Baldwin.

“There’s enough people out there throughout the whole world that are able to raise the money. It feels warm and it’s not about me it’s about them,” Bruce Schantz, president of Blessing of The Bikes.

The event also brings thousands to town which helps with business in the Baldwin area.

“Everyone benefits in Baldwin and he surrounding towns this weekend because gas stations, grocery stores, everyone benefits, hotels campgrounds,” says Schantz.

Bikers also tried to set the world record with most bikes spelling out Harley Davidson.

Despite bad weather, many still came out to be blessed and remember those who lost their lives on the road.

“I’d like to take a moment to bow our heads and think about those that aren’t here keep them in your mind and heart,” says the man giving the blessing.