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State Representative Larry Inman Receives Library Champion Award

“I’ll hang it up on my wall in my office in Lansing, and every day when I walk through I’ll be proud that I got this recognition.”

A state representative was recognized Friday for his support of Michigan libraries.

Larry Inman was presented a Library Champion Award.

It was for his support of legislation that allows library millages to be exempt from tax captures.

The Tax Capture Relief bills were signed by Governor Rick Snyder earlier this year.

Now libraries will have extra money to grow and add more programs.

Representative Inman says he understands how important libraries are to the community.

“Being on the county board of commissioners for 22 years here, I understand the importance of local dollars and maintaining all those dollars for the libraries as they get them, because they do struggle financially, so every dollar counts and they’re here for the students, and the families, and the communities,” says Rep. Inman.

Inman said the award was a heartfelt surprise for him and he appreciates the libraries acknowledging what they do in Lansing for them.

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