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Multiple People Charged in Traverse City Robbery, Drug Trafficking Investigation

We can now show you some of the people police arrested earlier this week in a growing armed robbery and drug trafficking investigation.

Police say Neil Buck, Shawn Sabourin, Shauna Catoe and another woman broke into the home and assaulted Gabriel Edgley Sunday.

They took off before police arrived, but a sheriff’s deputy pulled them over minutes later and made the arrest.

Buck and Catoe are charged with home invasion, carrying a concealed weapon and assault.

Police are still looking for Sabourin.

They also arrested Edgley for a parole violation and Bridgette Hagan, who was inside the home with Edgley, for an outstanding warrant.

Police and narcotics detectives went back to the house on Monday after they learned drugs were involved.

When they arrived, they found Donald Bottomley inside, trying to break into a safe.

He is charged with home invasion, safe breaking and possession of burglar tools.

A second woman police arrested for Sunday’s home invasion has not been charged yet.

If you have any information on where Shawn Sabourin is, call Traverse City police.

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