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Hundreds Of Veterans, Bikers Escort Moving Memorial Walls To Baldwin

A 40 mile escort spanning an entire county.

More than 500 motorcycles proudly escorted the moving Michigan Vietnam and the Middle Eastern Conflict Memorial Walls through Baldwin Thursday.

It started Thursday afternoon in Newaygo.

Bikers, drivers and veterans drove up with the walls to be displayed at the Amvet Post in Baldwin for the weekend.

9&10’s Taylor Jones was at the post today as everyone welcomed this special event.

 Hundreds of bikes were right outside the Amvet in Baldwin to welcome the walls. They are putting it together to get it ready for the weekend.

“We reached out to all the clubs in the state of Michigan, especially the veteran and patriotic clubs and anyone else that are supporters and asked them to join us today to escort the walls from Newaygo to Baldwin,” says John Duvall, organizer and veteran.

The Michigan Vietnam Veteran Traveling Memorial is a replica of the one in D.C.

It displays names of men and women from Michigan who died in the Vietnam War.

“It’s extremely important to any veteran to be able to bring in memorial walls like this, not only does it bring awareness to the communities of all the veterans that we lost over the years in these conflicts, but it also brings a lot of healing to vets who served in those conflicts. A lot of them have never been able to bring themselves to the memorials and see their brothers or sisters on that wall,” says Duvall.

Hundreds came out Thursday to honor those lost.

“It was great, it was fun. I felt overwhelmed with pride, American pride, everyone from the community supporting us and the veterans and lady’s crying missing loved ones, it was an honor,” says Tommy Beemer, biker.

Event organizer John Duvall also had the Michigan Middle Eastern Conflict Memorial wall brought in to be displayed.

“There is a whole other generation of soldiers that we have on that wall that are here from the state of Michigan and we felt it was very important to bring in both walls to kind of gap the generation,” says Duvall.

Everybody is welcome to come out to the Amvet in Baldwin to see all the names on the walls.

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