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Teen Dies After Drinking Too Many Caffeinated Drinks

A family is devastated after burying their happy and healthy teen.

The boy collapsed and died after drinking too many caffeinated drinks.

According to the coroner’s report, Davis Cripe downed a latte, a diet Mountain Dew and an energy drink in a timespan of about two hours.

His death is listed as the result of a "caffeine-induced cardiac event."

Doctors note energy drinks contain not only caffeine, but significant amounts of other stimulants like ginseng and guarana.

Guarana is a seed found in the Amazon that can contain twice as much caffeine as a coffee bean, information Davis’ parents and the coroner want to pass on.

Medical experts note that caffeine affects everyone differently, longtime users might have greater tolerance.

They also say while energy drinks can contain all kinds of ingredients, it’s the caffeine that carries the most risk.