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Inside the Kitchen: The Cabbage Shed in Elberta

Promo Image: Inside the Kitchen: The Cabbage Shed in Elberta

A combination of history, flavor and a spectacular view made for a remarkable trip Inside the Kitchen this week!

The ambiance you’ll find in this century-old Cabbage Shed (literally–formerly, it housed up to 600 tons of cabbage, primed for delivery to a waiting steamer) is hard to fault.

Much of the original architecture remains intact and relics of the past displayed in every nook and cranny tell the shared story of this quaint community.

Pair that with the simple creativity of the kitchen staff, and you have the secret to a very memorable night out!

Several other points: potentially the largest selection of Irish whiskey in Northern Michigan, a destination for live music, and be sure to check out the deck in back, where you’ll be met with sweeping views of the water and plenty of seating throughout the summer. 

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