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Clare County Five Year Old Asks For Donations For Animal Shelter For Birthday

Promo Image: Clare County Five Year Old Asks For Donations For Animal Shelter For Birthday

A Clare County boy asked for something for his birthday most five-year-olds would never even think of.

Five-year-old Huxley turned five last week, and for his birthday party, he asked guests to bring donations for the Clare County Animal Shelter.

9&10’s Taylor Jones spent her day at the shelter with Huxley.

Huxley told me all about all the animals he has at home and how he wanted to help the ones in the shelter that don’t have homes yet.

He did just that by being selfless.

“What did you get for your birthday? Cat food, we got that, and that too and two of that,” says Huxley.

Five year old Huxley didn’t ask for toys this year for his birthday, Instead something to help animals without homes.

“We were talking about his birthday and he asked me if he could give his birthday presents to get dog food,” says Amanda Holton, Huxley’s mom.

Huxley’s mom Amanda says it all started when he saw an ASPCA commercial.

He would get upset because of all the hurt animals.

“Huck would cry for 45 minutes because he wanted to help these animals. It affected him seeing that the animals need to be taken care of,” says Amanda.

Amanda asked guests to bring donations to Huxley’s birthday party.

They collected a lot of bags of food, toys and treats.

“To see him actually carry this through and still want to give up his birthday presents, birthday money for the animals, was just amazing,” says Amanda.

The Clare County Animal Shelter was ecstatic to see a little boy do all this for them.

“Every time it surprises me that they would rather give to the animals then get something for themselves, and he was quite young,” says Ruanne Hicks, director of Clare County Animal Shelter.

Huxley’s not done either.

He wants to do more to help shelter pets.