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Traverse City Police Arrest Suspects For Breaking into Home, Stabbing Man

A terrifying crime in Traverse City – four people broke into a home and ended up stabbing a man in the head.

Traverse City police say they got the call about an active armed robbery in the 1000 block of Barlow Street around 3:15 Sunday afternoon.

They say two men and two women broke into a home, demanded money from a man inside and stabbed him in the head.

9&10’s Caroline Powers and photojournalist Jeremy Erickson have more on the suspects’ arrest.

Traverse City Police Chief Jeff O’Brien says quick police work by his department and the sheriff’s office landed three of the four suspects behind bars after they broke into a home on Barlow Street.

Around 3:15 Sunday afternoon, Traverse City police received a call about an armed robbery in progress in the 1000 block of Barlow Street.

“There were two females and two males that had entered into a house,” says Traverse City Police Chief Jeff O’Brien. “A male and female victim were in the bed and the two males confronted the male victim and demanded money.”

Police say when the victim said he didn’t have the money, two men started stabbing him in the head.

“So they assaulted him with the knives. Both of them had knives and he had wounds to his head,” says Chief O’Brien.

Before police got the house the suspects took off.

Surveillance video from Roy’s General Store at 3 Mile and Hammond shows three of the suspects pulling into the parking lot, followed by Grand Traverse Sheriff’s deputies.

“Sounds like they were all acquaintances and we’re not really quite certain why the victim owed the suspect money,” Chief O’Brien says.

Kayla Uhlbeck lives across the street and says she’s shocked to hear about this violent crime happening in the middle of the day.

“You wouldn’t think of it at that point and time by any means,” Uhlbeck says. “So that’s even more bold that they’re doing it in broad daylight. It makes me feel very uneasy honestly that it’s going on right around this area.”

Police are still looking for the fourth suspect. They say they know who he is and he is not considered armed and dangerous.

The other two women and man will likely be charged for home invasion, armed robbery and felonious assault.

Police say the suspects were able to steal $150 from the home.