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Traverse City Commissioners Vote No To Bring Boat Race To City

Several questions were raised by city commissioners Monday night over the request to bring another big event to Traverse City.

The request was to bring the Grand Traverse Bay Offshore Classic speed boat race in August 2018.

Commissioners were discussing the standards of the policy the city has that governs events in Traverse City to make their decision on whether or not it meets those standards.

9&10’s Whitney Amann has more details on some of the concerns and benefits this event offers.

“I do not see a benefit of this event to Traverse City."

A line of residents waited to speak their concerns Monday night for the request to bring the Grand Traverse Bay Offshore Classic to Traverse City next summer.

"I’ve heard and read, and in the proposal from this gentlemen, that the cost will be and things will be negotiated. I’ve never heard so many we can work this out in my life."

"When we only have 12 to 16 weeks of generally good weather; to take more of those days and weeks away from being accessible to the general public, blocking the view, destroying the grass, blasting noise pollution, having to look at rows and rows of porta-potties, ugly fencing and corporate advertising."

Event organizers say there are several benefits the event will bring.

“If you have 100,000 people that are brought to Traverse City that weren’t here already they’re certainly going to be spending money so there’s the economic impact that’s certainly involved,” said Benjamin Marentette, city clerk of Traverse City.

"This thing would be televised nationally up and down the east coast and the west coast and all the way across the Midwest if we go that route," said Matt Soyer, event organizer.

Commissioners unanimously voted to not bring the event to Traverse City.